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“Give people what they want, and do so with excellence.” It sounds like the formula for a successful business, doesn’t it? It’s true in our practice as well, with one extra wrinkle; people actually need something more than just what they want.

People often come to us seeking to feel better, especially those who are new to our practice. And they’re often surprised to learn that our efforts aren’t limited to getting rid of pain. We like to explain it this way, “Our goal is much bigger than a backache.”

Here’s how it’s bigger: the brain is constantly regulating all other body parts to keep everything functioning just right. A complex system of nerves carries messages from the brain throughout the body. Movable spinal bones, called vertebrae, protect the spinal cord and nerve system. But subluxations can happen if a spinal bone gets misaligned. Then instead of protecting, it insults the nerve system, and sets the stage for malfunction. Precise chiropractic care locates and corrects those subluxations that interfere with the body’s vital communication system. Because good nerve supply is essential, the implications of such an adjustment are huge.

Information sent from the brain to the body parts is called a mental impulse. Mental impulses travel through the nerve system, continuously controlling all bodily functions. But when a subluxation occurs, it interferes with the transmission of mental impulses, resulting in distorted information reaching the body’s organs, tissues and cells. When that happens a person might not have immediate symptoms, but it’s never a good thing to have poor nerve supply to your heart, lungs, liver or legs. A successful adjustment restores normal nerve supply, making our goal, to get the mental impulses from the brain to the body parts without interference – a really big objective.

People sometimes ask about the benefits of what we do, because they want to know what to expect. In many ways the answer is simple, “we expect the body to work better.” But because every part of the body is involved, it’s difficult to say exactly what they might feel. Should it mean less pain? Perhaps, but it’s not even done for that reason, we adjust subluxations because they interfere with the vital transmission of mental impulses. Since all bodily functions depend upon those messages from the brain, it’s reasonable to say that life is better expressed with a good nerve supply. My mom...Who needs a good nerve supply? Well that one is easy to answer, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sick people, well people, old people and young people all experience a more organized, productive life when they have a good nerve supply.

Speaking of the mental impulse, I’ll be doing a presentation on that subject before the state chiropractic association in New Jersey in a couple of weeks. To make that possible the office will be closed from Friday, June 9 through Monday, June 12.

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