School’s open – are your kids well adjusted?

Back to school time is upon us. The kids are falling into their routine, and we parents have worked hard readying our children. We’ve seen to the clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and the like. Teachers, doing their part, are ready to guide them through one of their back packmost important journeys, education, preparing them for their futures.

We know that our kids also need to be ready physically. Learning requires a body performing at its highest level. That’s why a visit to the chiropractor is so important at this time of year. No, we’re not talking about back aches now. Those kinds of symptoms may indicate when a problem has been present for quite a while. There’s a bigger picture to see, it’s the value of getting a child’s spine checked, and adjusted whenever subluxations are present. These aren’t the kind of things revealed by pain, but they do interfere with your child’s performance, even if they’re not hurting.

Remember, the spinal column protects the body’s nerve system. It’s the linkage between the brain and all other body parts, and that’s what makes it essential to their good performance. So whether reading, writing, thinking or swinging a baseball bat, your child requires a good nerve supply to function at their best level. That’s why we advise people not to wait for their child to complain before scheduling their chiropractic visit.

A spinal adjustment is one of the few things that enhance kid’s health safely and naturally. Beyond that, it’s fun for them to go see the chiropractor. Most kids really enjoy their visit to the chiropractor, so if your kids haven’t been checked by the chiropractor before returning to school, don’t worry. It’s not too late for the kids to get checked and adjusted.

Just give the office a call and we’ll schedule a visit to see if they need an adjustment. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child is being given the opportunity to perform up to their potential.

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