Should people with anxiety & panic attacks get adjustments?

I was asked this question on All Can chiropractic help anxiety & panic attacks? Here is the answer I gave:
Dear Vern,
Chiropractic benefits people by correcting interference that can occur in the body’s central nerve system.
The brain is responsible to control and coordinate the function of the body and it uses a vast network of nerves, like a wiring system, to communicate with the various cells, tissues and organs of the body. The spinal cord is the main “cable” that carries messages from the brain through the movable bones of the spinal column. Those bones are intended to protect the nerves passing through them. However, if one of those bones gets misaligned it can have just the opposite effect. Instead of protecting the nerve system, a misaligned vertebra can become an insult to the spinal cord and nerves passing through it.
The scientific name for this circumstance is, “vertebral subluxation.” The resultant nerve interference can disturb function in ways that are both predictable and unpredictable. But either way, a vertebral subluxation is damaging to the performance of the body. Simply put, a subluxation in the spine interferes with the function of the body.
Since communication between the brain and other body parts is essential to regulate body chemistry, deleterious effects are inevitable, while remaining difficult to forecast. When a chiropractor identifies a vertebra in a subluxated situation, he or she will endeavor to correct the subluxation, not to treat any particular condition or disease, but because good nerve supply is essential to the function of the body.
To address your question most specifically, I would not offer chiropractic adjustments to treat anxiety, panic attacks or any other condition. Yet an important question needs to be asked. Who needs a good nerve supply more than someone who is experiencing anxiety and panic attacks? Precise chiropractic adjustments to correct vertebral subluxation allow for better performance. In my practice experience patients have reported positive changes in many conditions that were not predictable, yet through the correction of vertebral subluxation, they observed pleasing improvements in many facets of their family’s health and performance. So the right answer to this question is that chiropractic is not for treating conditions, but to improve function. Every family member benefits from improved nerve system function. I would recommend finding a chiropractor who can provide a precise spinal analysis and adjustment of vertebral subluxations.
Best wishes,
Dr. Brown
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8 Responses to Should people with anxiety & panic attacks get adjustments?

  1. Roxana Pussetto says:

    Myron, your response was excellent! Thanks for sharing with us. This is chiropractic. May I translate it into Spanish? It’s a great read for patients and the general public. A big hug for you and Charlene. Your daughter of Argentina, Roxana.

    • admin says:

      Muchas gracias, abrazos y besos a tu. Por favor traducir el artículo en español!

      • Jorge says:

        Great article! It is all so very true. People need to rizaele that they are the ones who hold the potential for healing not any doctor, pill, potion, or procedure. All we, as chiropractors, can do is eliminate the interference and help to unleash the power within.

    • Anurag says:

      Chiropractic is the worlds larsget, drug-less healing profession. Chiropractors work with the natural healing powers of the body to restore health. We don’t put things in to the body or take things from the body. We remove nerve interference so the body that built itself, can heal itself.

  2. Toodles says:

    Interesting for sure. I haven’t had anxiety or chiropractic adjustments in over 15 years. I just went to a chiropractor to try and help my lower back pain and, “coincidentally” I started suffering symptoms of slight anxiety. This leads me to believe that if adjustments can help with anxiety, they can potentially exacerbate or cause anxiety (at least in my case). I won’t speak for anyone else, but I sure know myself and this seems like a no-brainer to me. Hope others are helped for sure.

    • admin says:

      Dear Toodles,
      Thank you for reading the blog and for your comment.
      Your reasoning and concerns are valid and deserve further comment. The first thing to consider is that the key purpose of the spinal bones (vertebrae) is to protect the spinal cord and nerves. Occasionally a vertebra may get misaligned resulting in an insult to the very nerve system that the vertebra is supposed to protect. Precise chiropractic adjustments have a predictable outcome, which is the correction of vertebral subluxation (VS) and restored good nerve supply.
      Anything done in any form of health care has the potential to help or hinder. Any health care procedure done at the wrong time, or without precision can have an unpredictable outcome. Thankfully, chiropractic has an enviable record for safety and effectiveness, however, it sounds like the limited experience you had with chiropractic may not have been the best, precise care. Of course there is no way we can know that now after all these years that you have gone without proper chiropractic care.
      I would recommend that you seek the care of a competent chiropractor in your area, especially one who is competent in precise, upper cervical analysis and adjusting. If you need assistance finding such a practitioner please feel free to let me know and I’ll try to help you with a referral.
      Dr. Brown

      • Debbie Shapit says:

        could you please recommend a chiropractor in Pennsylvania that can deal with C1 subluxation is that the axial or Atlas thank you I’ve been dealing with sudden anxiety and I’m afraid it has to do with either misalignment of my body and an issue with my neck it has caused an acute situation of panic and hypertension. #215 900 6363

  3. Jen says:

    I noticed every time I come home from the chiropractor I get a mini panic attack. The other day I got vertigo and I was afraid to return. It I had to because I paid in full. When I got home today I had a massive panic attack with chest hurting feeling heavy headed and thinking I’m about to die, i get panic attacks in my lifetime but I have noticed I’m getting them with my appointments each time I get adjusted, my 2 neck bone are out of place and I get migraines so I have to go I’m desperate now I’m getting panic attacks from trying to treat my migraines what do I do?

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