A gift that improves life

Almost everyone that I talk with seems to think that our care helps them feel better. Frankly, I wish it wouldn’t. No, not because I’m mean, but because feeling better often causes people to miss the point. The thing is that chiropractic really isn’t about pain, nor is it about a person’s back, it’s about their life. The real benefit of what we do is much bigger than just how we feel, it’s about how we function. Remember, every part of our body is carefully regulated by an inner wisdom that uses our brain to coordinate those functions. It’s really miraculous when we think about it.

Within our body exists an ability to regulate our breathing, thinking, walking, talking and other functions. When was the last time you stopped everything else you were doing and concentrated on raising or lowering the amount of acid in your stomach, or change your blood sugar, or change your heart rate? You’re probably thinking that I never do any of that. But in actuality you’re doing those things and a thousand others all the time, without having to even think about it. Your innate intelligence is sending messages from the brain to the body parts all day long, regulating body chemistry and keeping all the organs, cells and tissues functioning harmoniously.

Unfortunately we live in a culture that values short term feel good more than it values the bigger, more important things. That’s probably why drug use is running rampant. So when people come to me seeking pain relief they need to know that health is about much more than the disappointing short term changes that are commonly sought. That’s why we begin our relationship with all new practice members by discussing what to expect from chiropractic care.

Most people arrive here with pain oriented goals. They haven’t yet learned about the greater benefits that chiropractic brings to their family members. They need to know that getting out of pain is the least important part of what we do, and that a precise chiropractic adjustment reduces interference in the nerve system. It restores communication between the brain and the rest of the body; and the benefits of a better functioning body are huge. A body that is able to function better performs better on all levels. Another thing that is often surprising to people who are new in our practice is how important it is for this care to begin early in life. Chiropractic check ups are an important part of building good health habits for a child. Click here to see a video clip demonstrating how much children enjoy getting their chiropractic checkups (then scroll about half way down the page).

Children receiving this care have the opportunity grow up with a good nerve supply, and that makes all the difference. As we go through the holiday season with gift giving on our minds, let’s not fail to think about good health, the essential gift that chiropractic offers to improve one’s life.

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